Sponsor the World’s Largest Event for the Professional Game Industry

广26选5开奖结果 www.lz8fb.cn If you are going to invest in a game industry event, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the one.?Nowhere else will you be able to reach 28,000 game professionals in one place as they focus on the innovations driving the future of game creation.?

Join us in the GDC Expo to showcase your products and services to thousands of?programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, studio managers, business development professionals and investors seeking new tools and inspiration to make quality games.?

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Exhibitor Sales: 844-499-6649

Attendees Spend 5+ Hours in the GDC Expo

Customize your exhibit space in the GDC Expo to fit your goals and budget. Whether you are looking to build business relationships, showcase new products or demo a game for distribution or publication, a booth in the GDC Expo is your ticket to connecting with your core community.?

Download the Sponsorship Overview to learn about?GDC Expo pricing and all opportunities to expand your reach across the conference and Expo.

Are You An Independent Game Developer?

GDC Play is a designated area in the GDC Expo for emerging developers to showcase their games to distributors, publishers, press and investors. Request more info about this low cost, turnkey solution designed for independent game studios.?

Speaking Opportunities

Want to reach a targeted group of developers and decision makers??The GDC conference features VRDC, Summits and Developer Days to foster community-building within emerging sectors of the game industry. Sponsorships allow you to speak directly to your top prospects and customers in the conference.?


Reach innovators in virtual and augmented reality for games and entertainment as a VRDC sponsor.

Summit Sponsorship

Reach developers within key industry verticals of the game industry such as AI, Game Narrative, Education, Mobile and UX.

Developer Days

Present a full day of session content to the developer community, featuring speakers from your company and partners.

Download the Sponsorship Overview to learn more about all sponsored speaking opportunities and how to maximize your presence onsite!

What GDC Sponsors Have To Say

“We’ve been here for 14 years running. The whole industry attends so it’s important that we are here. The interactions are always fantastic.”
-Kim Gibson, OMDC

“We did a Developer Day, and it was standing room only the whole day.”
-Neil Travett, KHRONOS Group

“We’re a start-up and we’re meeting a tremendous number of people who offer partnerships at every level.”
-Scott Matalon, Metro VR

Recruitment Opportunities

Reach top talent at GDC, build awareness and showcase why your studio or company is a great place to work, and get the word out about career opportunities. Email [email protected] to learn more about these sponsorships.

Game Career Seminar

Associate your brand with the highly respected Game Career Seminar, where speakers from top game companies and universities share expertise on how to break into the game industry, continuing education, career development, and advancement.

Career Sponsored Session

Showcase your studio or company to top talent at GDC. Highlight your projects, company culture, diversity initiatives, and everything else that makes your studio or publishing company a great place to work.

New! GDC Job Board

Build brand awareness as the exclusive sponsor of the GDC Job Board, a new interactive show feature. Your logo will be prominently displayed in a high traffic area where attendees post jobs and look for job postings throughout the week.




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