Exhibitor Portal

广26选5开奖结果 www.lz8fb.cn Log in to Exhibitor Portal to register your booth staff for the event. This section is password protected. Please contact [email protected] with questions regarding access.

GDC Connect Business Matchmaking

GDC Connect Business Matchmaking is your catalyst for business at GDC, putting you face to face with qualified industry professionals from leading companies within the game industry. Use this system to enter your company profile for the exhibitor listing, then identify, contact, and request and receive meetings with exhibitors and attendees. Learn more with the GDC Connect walkthrough video.?

Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM)

Your guide to operations and logistics at GDC, the ESM includes order forms for purchasing onsite furniture, utilities, and equipment. If you have an issue regarding show operations guidelines not covered in the ESM, please contact Meredith Omori, Event Operations Specialist, for assistance.

How do I become a GDC Exhibitor

Who do I contact to book GDC Exhibit space?

What comes with the purchase of GDC Exhibit space?

Expo passes, Staff badges and discounts on conference and expo passes are based on booth size.

Who do I contact to participate at the GDC Expo as a recruiter?

Is there a deadline for becoming an exhibitor?

To maximize your exposure on the GDC web site and marketing materials, we recommend you reserve space by January 4, 2019. Exhibit space is also limited to availability. If you are considering exhibiting, contact your account manager today for exhibition opportunities. See the current version of the GDC Expo floorplan here.

Exhibition & Sponsorship Logistics

Who do I contact with service questions about exhibiting and my booth?

For questions on booth or sponsorship purchases, please contact [email protected].?

If you have already signed a contract and have questions about booth logistics, contact:

Meredith Omori

Event Operations Specialist

UBM Americas

[email protected]

Who do I contact regarding my sponsorship deliverables?

Once a contract is signed, please email [email protected] for any sponsorship questions. Deliverable details including deadlines and shipping instructions will be emailed a few months out from the show.

What are the booth height regulations and sightline restrictions?

There are rules stating the maximum allowable height of various booth sizes. Allowable heights vary according to the size of the booth. The Exhibitors Services Manual will have specific rules and regulations pertaining to your booth size.

What are the hanging sign regulations & restrictions?

Hanging signs are only allowed for island booths 20'x20' or bigger. If your booth fits these parameters and you want to do a hanging sign, there will be a form for you to fax in the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Once it is approved by show management, you will need to order labor from GES to hang it and must use the appropriate shipping label to ship it to GES.

Do I need to order drayage?

Drayage is the movement of show freight from the shipping dock to your booth. No matter how you get your freight to the dock at the Convention Center, you are not allowed to bring your shipment onto the expo floor on your own - it must be done by union labor. Drayage costs are based on the weight and size of your shipment.?

You can receive a discount on your drayage and priority treatment by using GES Logistics for your shipping needs.

How do I handle shipping to the Moscone Convention Center?

Separate from drayage, this is the movement of your freight from either another show site to the receiving dock at the Expo site, or from your business to the dock at the Expo site. The Exhibitor Services Manual will have more information.

IMPORTANT: By ordering your shipping needs from GES Logistics, you will save money on your drayage, and you will get priority delivery of your freight on to the floor and off of the floor at the end of the show. Please contact GES Logistics at (888) 454-4437 or www.ges.com/chat for details or to order this service. From overnight to overseas, GES can arrange for all types of shipping and will do all follow up to make sure your freight arrives on time.?

Nelia Nunes

Event Operations Manager

UBM Americas

[email protected]

How do I order graphics, custom booths, furniture and carpet from GES?

GES can produce any signage that you need. Whether you want to add a logo to your Booth ID sign or order meter-sized boards, GES can do it. The plus side to that is you don't have to ship your signage (and risk having it arrive damaged) and it is at your booth when you arrive. They can make most types of banners or signage at a competitive price.

The Exhibitors Services Manual will also list forms for custom booths, carpet, furniture rental, lighting orders and pretty much anything you need for a complete presence on the Expo floor.

How do I order lead retrieval, audio visual, electrical, internet, food, booth security or plants for my booth?

Your Exhibitors Services Manual will include all order forms. Be sure and do it early to receive any applicable pre-show discounts!

I need to go on the expo floor to assist in setting up the booth for only a short time, can I bring my baby?

Our insurance policy prohibits anyone under the age of 18 on the expo floor during move-in and move-out.

Exhibiting Deadlines and Deliveries

What are the GDC Expo ordering and delivery deadlines?

Early Bird Deadline for GES services: February 25, 2019.

What are sponsor deliverables for banner ads and pub bins?

Web banner ads will run within three days of receiving them.

Pub bin must arrive to the advanced warehouse by February 25, 2019.

Hotel Reservations

How do I make hotel reservations?

GDC has designated Convention Housing Partners as the official housing company for GDC.?

Click here to book your accommodations

For more information:

Email: [email protected]

US: 1-800-216-4916?

International: +1-415-813-6088 option 6

Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

What are the marketing and sponsorship offerings at GDC?

Download the Sponsorship Overview to learn about GDC Expo pricing and all opportunities to expand your reach across the conference and Expo, or request exhibiting info and a sales representative will contact you.

If you have already purchased a sponsorship, you will receive an email with shipping or artwork details the first of the year describing what you need to do to complete your sponsorship.

Where can I download web banners and buttons to promote my booth at GDC?

Please refer to our Downloads page.

Expo Passes & Registering My Booth Staff for Staff Badges

How do I obtain Staff badges for my booth staff?

Please contact [email protected] for more information on our exhibitor staff badges.

What is the difference between an Expo Plus Pass, Exhibitor Staff Passes, and Single Session Passes, and what does each pass include?

Each GDC exhibitor will be allotted a number of Expo Plus Passes and Exhibitor Staff Passes based on the size of their exhibit space.

Expo Plus Passes allow access to the GDC Expo, interactive spaces, sponsored content, and the GDC Connect Meeting Tool. Expo Plus Passes cannot be used to access the expo floor prior to the expo opening or after it closes each afternoon. Expo Plus Passes can be distributed to members of your company who will not need access to the expo floor outside of expo hours and to clients/partners you would like to invite to the GDC to visit your booth and check out the event.

Exhibitor Staff Passes allow access to the expo floor to set up exhibit spaces before the expo opens and to secure it at the end of each day after the expo closes. Exhibitor Staff Passes should NOT be given to clients/partners who are not exhibitors at GDC. Exhibitor Staff Passes allow access to interactive spaces and the GDC Connect Meeting Tool, but do not allow access to any sessions, including sponsored content.

Single Session Passes can be used for admission to any one conference session which would otherwise not be accessible based on the attendee pass type. Single Session Passes must be used in conjunction with a valid GDC badge.

How many Expo Plus Passes, Exhibitor Staff Passes, and Single Session Passes do I receive for my booth size?

The quantity of Expo Plus, Exhibitor Staff, and Single Session Passes you receive is based on booth size. For details regarding your passes, click here.

Press Attending GDC

How do I obtain a list of the pre-registered press attending GDC?

Exhibitors will be provided access to the Press List approximately four weeks prior to the show in the Exhibitor Portal.

How can I maximize press visibility for my company and products during GDC?

To maximize press awareness, you can participate in our specially designed media sponsorship opportunities. Please contact your sales representative for more details.




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