Visiting GDC Play

广26选5开奖结果 Come to GDC Play to experience innovative projects from 100+ emerging and independent developers. Play the games and meet the people who created them in this interactive showcase during the GDC Expo. Browse the entire list of participating companies on the GDC Play tab of the 2019?exhibitor list.

Exhibiting at GDC Play

GDC Play is a low-cost, turnkey solution to reach key distributors, publishers, press, and investors. You will have access to a generous package of pre-event marketing benefits,?GDC?Connect, Best in?Play, and?GDC?Pitch,?as well as the official GDC press list. Request GDC Play Exhibitor information to learn more.

Enter Best in Play Competition

Eight games from GDC Play will be designated 'Best in Play' by a panel of Gamasutra editors. Winners will be announced in February and receive two free GDC 2020 All Access passes. Special 'Best in Play' designations will be attached to honorees' tabletops and help your studio gain attention onsite.??

Enter to Participate in GDC Pitch

Ten GDC Play exhibitors will be selected to pitch their games to an opinionated panel of investors and publishers in front of a live audience (no pressure!). The pitch is followed by questions, advice, and feedback before the judges declare the day's "Best Pitch" and award a free GDC 2020 All Access pass. Dates are?Wednesday March 20 and Thursday March 21 at the?Career Development Stage, Expo Floor.

Book Meetings with GDC Connect

GDC Play participants have access to GDC Connect business matchmaking tool:

  • Request and receive meetings with notable distributors, publishers and funders to facilitate business deals, develop new partnerships, and pursue other networking opportunities
  • Search contacts by job title, job focus, and company focus, and more
  • Maximize your time by pre-arranging meetings in your booth or the GDC Connect Lounge

VR Play

Demo amazing, immersive experiences from innovative VR and AR developers at the debut of VR Play, presented by Viveport. This dedicated area in the GDC Expo, Center Hall includes spaces tailored to providing the best demo environment possible for attendees.

What GDC Play Exhibitors Say

“Awesome!??Thanks again for having the best venue for up and coming studios. It was epic!!”

Kurt Bieg, Founder, Simple Machine

“It was a great show for us this year, and the overall difference in GDC Play especially was very notable since we last participated. Really feels like a core part of the GDC experience now.”?

- Morgan Jaffit, Director, Defiant Development

"It's just a great opportunity to meet consumers and get a?lot of feedback, and set meetings with publishers and investors. You get to meet a who’s who of the game industry while you’re here."

-?Kevin Campbell, Milky Tea




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