Why Attend

广26选5开奖结果 www.lz8fb.cn The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the world's largest professional game industry event, with unparalleled education and networking opportunities.

Join 28,000 attendees for five days of expert-led sessions, tutorials and roundtable discussions on a full range of?interesting and current work happening in game development.?

Visit the GDC Expo to meet 550+ companies, relax and network in interactive spaces, celebrate the best games and developers in award ceremonies, attend special events throughout the week, and leave GDC inspired to make great games.

Register early to get the best rate and join the global game development community at GDC.?


Who Should Attend

Visual Artists
(Art Director, 2D/3D Artist, Character Artist, Environment Artist, Technical Artist, Visual Effects (VFX) Artist, Animator)
Meet artists with various art styles and concepts, and explore the inspiration and process behind their work. Learn methods to create quality art and animations for all kinds of games.
Suggested Content: Visual Arts Conference Track,?Art Direction Tutorial,?Technical Art Tutorial,?Visual Effects Tutorial,?Animation Tutorial

Game Designers?
(Lead Designer, Junior Designer, Systems Designer, Level Designer)
Learn methods to create compelling interactions with realistic physics, facial expressions, and lighting using the latest tools, systems, and techniques.?
Suggested Content:?Design Conference Track,?Game Design Workshop,?Level Design Tutorial,?Board Game Design Tutorial,?Storytelling Fundamentals Tutorial

Game Programmers?
(Lead Programmer, Engine Programmer, Design Programmer, Tools Programmer, Systems Engineer)
Learn about the latest techniques and tools to develop games across platforms including consoles, mobile, PCs, virtual reality and more.
Suggested Content:?Programming Conference Track, Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial,?AI Summit,?Math for Game Developers Tutorial

Audio Professionals?
(Audio Engineers, Sound Designer, SFX Artist)
Join leading game audio professionals to share knowledge and real-world experience specific to audio's unique aesthetic, technical, business, and logistical problems.
Suggested Content:?Audio Conference Track, Audio Tutorial

Business & Marketing Professionals and Venture Capitalists?
(CEOs / Presidents / Directors / VPs / Consultants)
Gain knowledge of opportunities in digital entertainment and communities that will garner new ventures, and shape the future of video games.
Suggested Content:?Business & Marketing,?Discoverability,?Production & Team Management Conference Track

Studio Managers & Heads of Studios?
(Executive Managers / Directors / Studio Management)
Gather new methods for studio management and techniques of developing and marketing for new emerging game platforms to target every demographic.
Suggested Content:?Production & Team Management Conference Track,?Design Conference Track

Executive Producers & Team Management?
(Producers / Localization Managers / Video Directors / QA Leads)
Hear best practices from studios that have produced games with international and domestic audiences, and gain insight to streamline your production process and improve your game's quality.
Suggested Content:?Production & Team Management Conference Track,?Production Tutorial

Virtual and Augmented Reality Producers?
(VR/AR/MR / Designers / Programmers / Visual Artists / Audio)
Learn from creators of astounding immersive experiences for games and non-game entertainment of all kinds using augmented, mixed, and virtual reality.?
Suggested Content:?Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC)

Vendor Companies and Sponsors?
(Hardware / Software / Middleware / Services)
Engage the 28,000 attendees that participate in GDC over three days by showcasing your company's products, services, and innovations.
Learn More:?Exhibiting Opportunities,?GDC Connect Business Matchmaking

Career Seekers & Recruiters?
(Seasoned Veterans / Students / Schools / Expanding Companies)

Get your name out to the best new talent in the industry. Learn more about recruiting at GDC.

Meet face-to-face with the top talent worldwide committed to making better games. Learn more about career development at GDC.




Connecting the Global Game Development Community

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